Who am I?



Songs to be performed by you?


Hi, my name is Anders Jensen. I am an award winning songwriter. I was born in Denmark, but currently reside in Munich, Germany with my family. 

Very often I am asked why I do not have a band, performing the songs by myself.

The short answer is: I am not a performer or recording artist.
I am a songwriter, and I write songs as often as I can.  
I have tremendous fun doing so.  

My strength lies in those magic moments that happen by the piano, late at night, where inspiration is best, thoughts are clear and the world is still. That's when I am at my best. 

95% of all my songs start with an idea for a melody. To me a good song HAS to have a catchy and engaging melody! Once this is in place I start to build chord progressions, harmonies etc around the basic melody. 

My inspirations are groups and artists like UK bands Keane and Coldplay along with US bands Lifehouse and Jimmy Eat World. Also names that have been around for decades, like US band Toto or Sir Paul McCartney, who, in my opinion, still write fabulous songs!

Basically anything with a strong and catchy hook, great vocals and harmonies will get my attention. I mostly do co-writes with some of the greatest lyricists I know. That makes it easy for me to just focus on the music and the harmonies. It's great fun!


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